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Founded by Elevate Life Church

Elevate Life Preschool is enrolling for the academic year 2024-2025.

We are a one-of-a-kind low-ratio classroom, that is Biblically based and focuses on your child’s God-given uniqueness.

Why You Should Send Your Child To ELP

Elevate Life Preschool values a personalized approach to your child’s education. We operate with low-ratio classrooms and have the same teacher for each class throughout the entire day. We incorporate high-level curriculums like Abeka as well as connective approaches like the Pocket of Preschool.  Our team values as well as supports all styles of learning.

Everything we do is founded on the values and teachings of the Bible and enables children to encounter God and grow in their relationship with Him personally. There is importance placed on the value of leadership and we help children to live out these core principles through memory verses, songs, and even active play scenarios.

Because of our unique approach, we often hear incredible feedback from parents of our graduated students as well as from the elementary schools they attend. Our kids have been known to score higher on academic assessments, are socially and emotionally more balanced, win leadership awards, and receive recognition from their teachers on how prepared they are for how a classroom operates. Our team’s motivation and end goal is to help the kids at ELP set a foundation that will enable success throughout their entire lives.

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These are unique identifiers that enable us to provide care and teach your child in ways that set us apart from every other preschool. Most preschools are focused on amenities or education as a selling point to families. Our team is committed to supporting as well as encouraging your child to be a life long learner and leader as they grow in the truth of God. You can read more about each section at the bottom of our About Us page.







Our son is not only learning but thriving at EL Preschool. We are so blessed to have found a school that puts the child first and it shows every day when we pick him up. He’s so eager to share his day with us. You will not find a better program and group of teachers/staff in the Frisco area!

Mandie Ball

I cannot say enough about how I feel about ELP. There is NO OTHER school or program like this one. They are not only focused on raising up leaders but they meet children where they are at. Both of my sons are so unique and they have helped both of them grow in such a loving and Godly environment. There is no where else I would want to entrust my kids. They get to know each child and put so much effort into caring for them but also helping them grow in their learning styles. Also I am constantly amazed at what my kids are learning and what they communicate back to me. My oldest is learning Bible verses and repeating them back to me, but also he knows how to apply them to life, which is so amazing!! I love Elevate Life Preschool.

Keela Craft Ambrose

I love Elevate Life Preschool! My son's teachers have truly partnered with me and my husband in teaching him. I feel at peace dropping him off everyday knowing that he's learning and being taken well care of.

Rishawna O'Dell

Open Enrollment for 2024-2025:

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